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Shield Arms 15 Round, Flush Fit Glock 43X & 48 Magazines!

Every year someone has a new "Game Changer." Some piece of kit that is sometimes a bit more user friendly, sometimes an answer to a problem nobody had, and sometimes a 100% useless gimmick. None of these are the case of the new S15 magazine. The Glock 43X and 48 were cool firearms when they were released last year, but the magazine capacity was a let down following up Sig Sauer's P365 lineup. It's the combo of the new Glock and the S15 mag that create that perfect equation of Game Changer.

If you haven't felt a G43X or 48 frame yet, you need to go hold one. Reading spec sheets can only tell us so much. Many of the complaints from readers were about how they were barely smaller than the Glock 19. When you hold one, it's completely different. the new slim frame feels much smaller in hand compared to the Glock 19. Now, when paired with the S15 magazine, realizing you have now matched the round capacity to the 19 in a much smaller package is amazing.

The S15 and 43x combo are truly changing the industry. This is a firearm that some people will even carry as a duty firearm. I think you'll see several of these and similar models moving into detective holsters, security guards where you can often get away with things that are a little different. I remember when LAPD finally approved 380 Auto for off duty carry and how big of a deal that was. I can't wait to hear the same on packages like this. It's still early but it will happen within the next couple of years.

Check out this video where we take the S15 out for a ride in the 43X and a 48. We walk you through an overall review of the magazine and show some highlights from the first 280 rounds fired.

Next is our second video where we finish up 1,000 rounds through one, single S15 magazine. That's a test the majority of purchased mags will never see.

Shield Arms recently posted some photos on social showing many more of the mags getting ready for shipping. Its been a long wait for several looking forward to the new magazines. while the release came later than anticipated, I'm very happy to see Shield Arms took the time to get it right before ever putting any on the market. As seen in our videos, the S15 magazine looks like a very promising upgrade that's probably the most talked-about accessory in stores right now.

If you're in the market for one, or several for that matter, you can sign up to join their mailing list HERE to receive notifications when the S15 is in stock next. You'll probably have to battle the waves to get some in but I can assure you they will be well worth the purchase. Not to mention, you'll be the coolest guy at the range when everyone else is wanting them. Happy Hunting!

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